May the sales force be with you

A robot tried to turn this article’s heading into a question. It did not know that this was never the intention. But then again, as a non-native English speaker, the bot may have had a point and while it just about got the words right, it wanted to ask the question. Are you having any success with your sales targets lately? If you have answered this question in the negative then perhaps you are in need of a refresher course on how to make that first cold call work in your favor.

Perhaps you are in need of sales force training that leads to the door never being slammed in your face again. Perhaps expert sales tips and good communications training will lead to not only the door being opened to you, but the custodian of that door knob inviting you inside for a cup of coffee. These days, door to door salesmanship is something of a prehistoric art. Those who are not in the sales business at this time, ask yourself this question; when last did a travelling salesman come a knocking on your door.

If he did, you were probably at your office, actually doing a round of selling, in a manner of speaking. The robot informs us that most selling takes place online. Don’t we know this already, but anyway, thanks for that useful bit of online information. Perhaps the bot will be attending some classes of its own too. It is particularly critical that good communications skills are in place when trying to sell a product or service online.

Sales training puts this right. The voice remains persuasive, beaming with confidence through its words and grammatically correct through and through.