How to Dress your Baby

As exciting as having a new baby is, it can also be a little frightening. If it’s your first baby, you probably feel that your baby is so delicate that you might break it!

This is totally normal, and at first doing simple things like picking it up from a nap or dressing it may seem a little intimidating. Even putting them in that new baby Red Sox gear, as awesome as it may be, might be something you’re putting off. But don’t worry. It’s really not that difficult. Just remember to have patience and do it with love.

The first thing you need to know when dressing your baby is making sure that the clothing is the right size. If anything, it should fit them a little bigger rather than smaller. This way, they can move freely. And, you should always cover the feet because they will get cold quickly.

Act with confidence. It’s important to go part by part. Don’t completely undress than redress the baby. To keep it most comfortable, change the pants, then change the shirt, or change the onesie. Changing is a great time to tickle, to caress, or give kisses to your baby. If you act with confidence and love, changing time can be a bonding moment for both you and your baby.

Make sure that when you are putting the arms through sleeves, go slowly and gently. When putting it in, be sure to put it part way into the sleeve, then uncover the hand before adjusting a little.

When pulling their head through a collar, gather the shirt in your hands, making a donut shape out of the clothing, then, all at once, put the baby’s head through, and adjust the bottom. This will shorten the time the baby cannot see you and reduce anxiety.