The Perfect Beach Outfit

When you’re going to the beach, the most important thing you could put on is obviously your swimsuit. If you have a flattering bikini, half the battle is won. But you can’t really walk around in your bikini when you leave the beach or when you go to one of the restaurants on the seaside. You want an outfit that is easy to get on and off and that you will feel comfortable in at the beach. Before you focus on your clothes though, make sure you have a good pair of wholesale shades. The sun is almost always very bright at the beach and you’ll need it for driving especially.

A lot of girls think a dress is fine since it’s so easy to get on and off. If that dress is a maxi dress, this may be the case. What a lot of women don’t take into account is that the wind is often very strong at the beach. If you’re wearing a short or mid length skirt, the wind will easily and often blow your skirt up. Since you’re wearing a swimsuit it’s not really that big of a deal, but it is definitely still very annoying. An ankle length dress or skirt won’t have this problem.

The dress or skirt and shirt you’re wearing should by no means be tight either. Even if you wear a lot of sunblock the chances are that your skin will be a bit irritated after spending all day in the sun, sand and salt water. Chafing and rubbing of clothes becomes incredibly uncomfortable, which is also why you want to avoid wearing pants. Ideally, you’ll want to wear a loose dress.

Before you leave the beach to go home, change out of your swimsuit and into some clean underwear. This will prevent the sand from making you itch as you drive home.